LEGO 75385 Ahsoka Tano’s Duel on Peridea coming August 2024 (with new Thrawn minifigure!)

As rumors for upcoming Fall 2024 Star Wars LEGO releases continue to heat up, one that almost seems to good to be true is the rumor of a Battle of Peridea set, from the Ahsoka show.

*Update – this set has now officially launched on!

Lego 75385 Ahsoka Tano's Duel on Peridea with box
LOVE the minifigures. (Still bummed that Captain Enoch didn’t make the cut though). However… the gray slab isn’t too much to get excited about…

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Now, while this won’t be a particularly large set (382 pieces for $54.99), the main reason to grab this set when it launches on 1 August 2024 won’t be for the build, but rather the spectacular selection of minifigures this set will include. Trust me…


Check out this incredible minifigure lineup we’re getting with this set:

  • Ezra Bridger (all grown up and with a beard)
  • Ahsoka (with new white robes, updated new version from the 2023 Jedi T-6 Starfighter)
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn (finally! – with proper dual-molded legs on him)
  • Morgan Elsbeth (with updated faceprinting with additional Witches of Dathomir elements) 
  • Captain Enoch (really hoping for a knock-out figure here with the gold face and maroon accents) – UPDATE: I was wrong about Enoch, now that the official pictures have released, I can confirm that Captain Enoch is NOT in this set, and instead it’s a regular Night Trooper. Boo.

Casual Star Wars fans might not be too familiar with some of these names, but if you’re a fan of either the Rebels or Ahsoka TV shows, excitement levels are currently off the charts at this minifigure news!

Last time we got an official Thrawn minifigure was back in 2017, and as of early 2024 that figure alone fetches over $100 on the used market. Ouch!

*Update – leaked images of the 2024 Thrawn and Ezra (Space Jesus) minifigures have been spotted in the wild! They look INCREDIBLE! Take a look:

Lego 75385 Ezra Bridger and Admiral Thrawn minifigure leaks

2024 Thrawn looks AMAZING. My wish of proper dual molded legs came true! Love the the red eyes, insignia markings, and the blue skin tone looks a little more muted than the 2017 version, which is good. Can’t wait!

Great attention to detail on Ezra. His blue eyes are just as intense as in the ‘Ahsoka’ show, and the hairpiece is great (although it might be a “hair” too long…) Torso and leg printing capture his worn and slightly battered Peridea look very well. He’s even got his Stormtrooper ID tag chainmail showing underneath!

And now that the set has officially been launched, here’s a close-up shot of all the minifigures together:

Lego 75385 Ahsoka Tano's Duel on Peridea minifigures
Morgan looks great – love the green Blade of Talzin! For those with eagle eyes – yes, it’s just the Darksaber blade in a translucent green color. (No Sabine minifigure this time around though – you’ll have to pick her up in 2023’s T-6 Shuttle)

And for those wondering, here’s what the faceprint for the Night Trooper looks like. No – we never officially saw this on the show, but I love that the LEGO designers took some liberties here to design a cool zombie-stormtrooper face. It slightly softens the blow of not getting Captain Enoch in this set:

Lego 75385 Ahsoka Tano's Duel on Peridea Night Trooper minifigure face
Mix a Stormtrooper with a Zombie…and you get this creepy Night Trooper face! Lovely.

Combine these upcoming Peridea minifigures with 2023’s trio of Ahoksa sets, and you’ve got yourself a very nice Rebels reunion party with Hera, Sabine, Ezra, Chopper, and Ahsoka. Just missing updated versions of Kanan and Zeb. (RIP Kanan, still not over that! 😭)

Peridea Set Details

Grand Admiral Thrawn talking with Enoch and Morgan Elsbeth
Set Number:75385
Release Date:1 August 2024
Piece Count:382 pieces
Set Dimensions:4″ high, 9″ wide, 5.5″ deep
Where to

The build and scene of the set features a small section of the Dathomiri Nightsisters Fortress from the Ahsoka Season finale, featuring the final duel in the season finale.

I have to be honest, the build does leave a little to be desired. Essentially we’re getting a large gray slab to pose the figures on, a few included play elements, and four sticker-decorated stone pillars surrounding. That’s about it. (For the record, I do think the slightly angled stone pillars look cool, especially with the gold celestial orbits).

However, LEGO knows that people are buying this set PURELY for the minifigures, but I can’t help but feel that the accompanying build could have been something slightly more exciting. Thoughts? Let me know below what you would have preferred for the build.

Lego 75385 Ahsoka Tano's Duel on Peridea rotating functionality
The set features 3 rotating turntables to recreate the lightsaber fighting
Lego 75385 Ahsoka Tano's Duel on Peridea Ezra jumping
Recreate Ezra jumping into the Chimaera!

Speaking of that, the only thing missing now to compliment this upcoming set – Thrawn’s Chimaera Star Destroyer. (Maybe in 2025, LEGO?) 😉 Unfortunately I doubt this will happen, especially considering news of the new upcoming 2024 Star Destroyer just leaked.


Thrawn's Star Destroyer escaping Peridea (artwork by Colin1234555)
Thrawn’s Star Destroyer escaping Peridea (Incredible artwork by @Colin1234555)

I’m excited for this set to officially launch (mainly for the minifigures), and in the meantime, see all the other upcoming 2024 sets here, including the stellar wave of 25th Anniversary midi-scale starships that launched in March.

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