LEGO 75337 AT-TE Walker Review (with Commander Cody Minifigure!)

Finally – a refreshed AT-TE, arguably the highlight launch and most hyped set of the Summer 2022 LEGO Star Wars release wave. This stellar redesign of this fan-favorite Star Wars vehicle features 1082 pieces and retails for $140 (available from and Amazon).

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LEGO AT-TE Walker Specs:

Release Date1 August 2022
Set Dimensions17 x 9.5 x 7.5 in.
Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 combat

Believe it or not, this is actually the 5th AT-TE LEGO has released (2003, 2008, 2013, 2016, and now 2022), and features the sturdiest build yet along with an impressive 8 minifigures. The highlight figure is finally an official Phase 2 Commander Cody (more on him later) – Star Wars fans rejoice!

This beloved Episode 3 set is from the Battle of Utapau (which can be seen on the box art).

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 box front

The LEGO design team’s work has come a long way since 2003, and this 2022 version of the classic AT-TE is by far the best. But first, I’ve learnt that a lot of people don’t know what “AT-TE” actually stands for: All Terrain Tactical Enforcer. If you’ve seen the Clone Wars animated series, you know what I’m talking about in terms of “all terrain” – this thing can literally scale vertical cliffs! 

AT-TE climbing cliff


This new version has a significantly upgraded foot structure and look from the previous models, and the whole leg design and assembly are significantly improved. The more realistic looking leg-joints are also appreciated.

The middle two legs can be posed to make the set look more in motion, which is a nice plus. When you set the AT-TE down on a table, the legs lock into place and it feels extremely sturdy.

Also included is a handy carrying handle, secured by Technic pieces for added strength.

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 carrying handle
Children playing with Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337


The top cannon gunner features a 360 rotating plate, as well as the new upgraded stud-launchers. The front features 4 rotating laser cannons, and an added 2 on the rear. These are conveniently held onto place using a secure rod, so they don’t break off the ball while rotating them.

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 swivel gunner

Capacity and Design:

Perhaps the most impressive part of this set is the surprisingly spacious interior, which holds a whopping 9 minifigures total (if you have extra clones to spare in your collection). There are enough seats for 6 troopers, 2 gunners, and a pilot.

The main interior compartment is accessible by raising up the top gun and opening the 2 side panels. This area holds 4 regular trooper seats and a gunner seat, as well as a nifty thermal detonator rack and a storage crate.

The front cockpit is removable – simply slide the cockpit out of the connecting Technic slider rail. Great sturdy design choice by LEGO here.

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 driver

One significant improvement over previous models is the side design, as the clever angles and corner panels prevent you from seeing into the inside of the interior.

The back section of the AT-TE includes 4 additional seats (plus a gunner). One disappointment is that the included weapons rack doesn’t have room for the long-barrel blasters, as only the short blasters fit. Minor quibble, but worth mentioning anyways.

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 cockpit

AT-TE Minifigures:

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 minifigures

The 2022 AT-TE includes a whopping 8 minifigures, which is fantastic, especially considering the 2013 AT-TE came with just one measley Clone Trooper.

The much anticipated Phase 2 Commander Cody is the highlight minifigure of this model. He features orange arms, a unique torso, hip and leg prints, and a new clone face with a scar. A cool feature is also the inclusion of a printed jetpack on his back, which is accurate to what he wears in Episode III.

His helmet comes with the correct orange visor, but unfortunately LEGO chose to not create a unique mold for this, and are instead using the older clunky looking stock visor piece:

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 with Phase 2 Commander Cody comparison

The set also includes a generous 3 additional Clones from Cody’s 212 legion. Star Wars purists will immediately notice changes to the helmet – instead of the sharp orange triangle we’re used to seeing, for some reason LEGO decided to change the design to a more rounded triangle shape. Not a huge issue, but still a slight change in the wrong direction.

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 with 212 legion clone trooper

The Clone Gunner has the correct black armor strap on his chest and the tan gunner helmet stripes on top.

The accessory holes are a little distracting, as they are drilled just above the visual molds for the attachments. An odd choice for LEGO, but I think we just have to live with it because this will probably be the new normal for Clone helmets.

Rounding out the minifigure lineup are 3 standard battle droids to compliment the Clones.

As for the side accessory build, instead of including a Crab Droid (which are actually from the battle of Utapau, as shown on the box art), for some reason LEGO decided to include a Spider Droid instead. While the Spider Droid built itself is practically flawless, it’s just a little disappointing that this detail was missed by the LEGO designers.

Crab Droid vs. Spider Droid in AT-TE set

Is the 2022 AT-TE Worth it?

100% yes – this set has blown me away. The combination of features including the massive interior, fun included accessories, 8 minifigures, and fantastic structural build and design make this AT-TE easily one of the best sets of the year (provided you can overlook the lack of a Crab Droid and the inaccurate Clone helmets).

The AT-TE looks great on display (if you’re a collector), and also features hours of fun and play for kids.

Lego Star Wars AT-TE Walker 75337 staged

View AT-TE Walker (75337)


When was the LEGO AT-TE released?

The LEGO AT-TE was released on 1 August 2022.

How much does the LEGO AT-TE cost?

The LEGO AT-TE retails for $139.99.

How big is the LEGO AT-TE?

The LEGO AT-TE measures 17 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high.

How many minifigures does the LEGO AT-TE come with?

The LEGO AT-TE includes 8 minifigures.

How many pieces does the LEGO AT-TE have?

The LEGO AT-TE has 1,082 pieces.

How long does it take to build the LEGO AT-TE?

It takes about 4 hours to build the LEGO AT-TE.

How many AT-TE’s has LEGO released?

LEGO has released 5 total AT-TE models – 2003, 2008, 2013, 2016, and 2022.

What movie is the AT-TE in?

The AT-TE appears in Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, and the animated Clone Wars TV Series.

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