Shiny and Bricky! LEGO 75398 Buildable C-3PO coming this Fall

Get ready to welcome the galaxy’s chattiest protocol droid to your LEGO collection! Yep, that’s right – C-3PO is strutting into the LEGO universe in all his golden, talkative glory.

Pairing up with his best buddy (the upcoming buildable R2-D2 set hitting stores this March) will be a buildable version of everybody’s favorite chatterbox of a protocol droid: C-3PO!

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We’re still waiting for more rumors to drop, but here’s what we know for sure already:

We’re expecting Threepio to launch in August 2024, featuring a respectable piece count of 1,132 pieces for $139.99. Last year’s Buildable Chewbacca ( / Amazon) stood 18″ tall, so I’m expecting C-3PO to be an inch or two shorter.

C-3PO shown with his silver leg and without
Both versions of the current C-3PO minifigure – the UCS version with his silver leg, and the non-UCS version without. Good thing he didn’t have a red arm or I wouldn’t have been able to recognize him!
C-3PO with a red arm
Feature request (if you’re reading this, LEGO design team) – include an optional red arm that can be switched out when we feel like being extra crazy with our LEGO displays.

The build will also have a minifigure version of C-3PO (not sure which version of minifigure yet, silver leg or no), on a display stand beside his larger model replica.

Expect it to look just like the 2024 Buildable R2-D2’s plaque:

Lego Star Wars 75379 Buildable R2-D2 display plaque

I had to go way back into the archives for this one: I was originally mistaken and assumed this was the first buildable Threepio from LEGO. I was wrong – we were actually treated to a buildable Technic C-3PO way back when the dinosaurs ruled in 2001, take a look:

Lego 8007 Technic buildable C-3PO
2001!! Can still be found on eBay if you want a piece of history.

Sure, some folks might say dropping both R2-D2 and C-3PO in the same year is a bit too predictable, but I view it as a fantastic homage from LEGO to honor Star Wars, especially during its 25th Anniversary.

After all, R2 and Threepio are the OG’s, appearing in every single Star Wars movie to date. They’ve earned their respect, right? I’m a fan, and very excited to see what these look like side-by-side when they’re officially released.

C-3PO and R2-D2
BFF’s forever…

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