LEGO 75381 Buildable Droideka (Destroyer Droid) launching May 2024 – Official Images Released!

Way back in 1999 when Star Wars: The Phantom Menace hit theaters, we were introduced to the Droideka (also called a Destroyer Droid), which proved to be a formidable opponent, even to the Jedi!

These deadly battle droids were used by the Trade Federation during the invasion of Naboo, and could travel over 45mph! (Better use some Jedi Force Speed to get away from those! 😜)

Now in 2024, on the 25th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, we are getting a brand new buildable version of the Droideka to pay tribute to the Phantom Menace.

*Update – the Droideka can now been seen on and Amazon

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Official images of the set and the box have released, which show this fearsome Droid fully in LEGO form:

Lego 75381 Droideka shown with box
Rumors were correct – 583 pieces, plus a 25th anniversary brick and a plaque.
Lego 75381 Droideka box back
Update – IT ROLLS UP INTO A BALL!! I was wrong about this detail. Beyond excited to see it has actual functionality beyond just a display model!
Lego 75381 Droideka displayed on bookshelf
Sure, the main display model looks FANTASTIC, however I’m not loving the look of the smaller minifigure-scale Droideka on the stand… thoughts?

Since this is an 18+ set, we’re getting a nice black display plaque stand, containing information about the Destroyer Droid. Some of the other released sets for 2024 have already included the commemorative 25th Anniversary LEGO Star Wars brick to celebrate LEGO Star Wars turning 25 (like the buildable R2-D2 and the trio of midi-scale starships), so it’s nice to see the Droideka also getting this special anniversary brick.

Buildable Droideka Specs:

Set Number:75381
Release Date:1 May 2024
Piece Count:583
Age Rating:18+
Minifigures:Minifigure Scale Droideka
Set Dimensions:8 x 6 inches
Where to / Amazon

As far as the look of the actual Droideka, the leaked images really looks stunning. I really think LEGO knocked it out of the park on this one – the shape and curves and attention to detail is really spot on. Don’t expect any actual functionality though (it won’t curl up into a ball and roll around, lol), as it’s just purely for display. EDIT – I was WRONG about this. It DOES in fact fold up into a ball! <insert take my money gif, hah>

Most buildable droids LEGO has released in recent years have also come with a small minifigure version for the display stand, so while it’s not actually a molded minifigure, the leaked images show a cute little mini minifigure-scaled Droideka to sit alongside the plaque on the stand. Looks……okay to me? Not the best though. I get that minifigure Droideka’s are hard to make, but there was a part of me that was hoping it would just be an actual new molded minifigure Droid, instead of a small buildable one.

Lego buildable Droideka MOC by Build Better Bricks
Amazing buildable Droideka MOC by Build Better Bricks for comparison.

The last time we got an official buildable Destroyer Droid set was waaayyy back in 2000, released as Technic Set #8002 (eBay link).

Not a bad design for over two decades ago!

Lego Technic 8002 Buildable Droideka Destroyer Droid released in 2000

I’m excited to get my hands on the new buildable 2024 Droideka! Expect to see the updated buildable Droideka hitting shelves on 1 May, 2024 for $64.99, just in time for the May 4th Star Wars celebration week.

Follow along here for all remaining 2024 LEGO Star Wars launches.

Droideka shooting through shield generators
Droidekas can completely surround themselves with a globe of protective energy thanks to their built-in deflector shield generators. Almost doesn’t seem fair!
Droideka attacking Jedi
Time for some Force Speed! 🏃‍♂️

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