The Droid You’re Looking For: LEGO 75379 Buildable R2-D2 (and Darth Malak minifigure!)

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My first reaction to learning that LEGO was releasing yet another buildable R2-D2 in 2024 was a bit underwhelming, but after learning that we’re also getting a proportionally scaled buildable C-3PO later on in the year to compliment this new R2, my stance on this release has softened a little. (Also included will be a bonus exclusive minifigure, but more on him below 😉)

R2-D2 will launch on 1 March, 2024 for $99.99, and feature 1,050 pieces.

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Features & Specs

This Artoo will be the third buildable version LEGO has made (2012, 2021, and now 2024), but this new version is a downscaled version from previous years.

Lego Star Wars 75379 Buildable R2-D2 hero
They’ve packed a TON of details into this $100 set
Lego Star Wars 75379 Buildable R2-D2 display plaque
Printed display plaque! No more stickers! 😁
Lego Star Wars 75379 Buildable R2-D2 box front
Loving the new 2024 box art with the silver and light blue. Check out that 25th Anniversary logo!

For reference, 2021’s UCS 18+ version of R2 is significantly bigger (and more expensive), standing an impressive 13″ high and featuring over 2300 pieces. ( / Amazon).

2021 UCS Buildable R2-D2
The 18+ 2021 UCS Buildable R2-D2 standing 13″ tall

However, the upcoming 2024 version seems to be targeting a more general audience, including kids. The new 75379 R2-D2 will be a smaller, more manageable version of the lovable Astromech Droid, standing 9″ tall and featuring less than half the bricks of the previous USC model with (only) 1,050 pieces.

Features will include a moveable head, a removable third leg, an informational plaque, R2’s periscope that sticks out his head, along with his many arm accessories. Check it out:

Lego Star Wars 75379 Buildable R2-D2 box back
A generous amount of play features on this updated Artoo!
Lego Star Wars 75379 Buildable R2-D2 play features
A closer look…

Included 25th Anniversary Minifigure: Darth Malak

But that’s not all, Artoo will also include a bonus second minifigure. I’ve spoken about the 25th anniversary minifigures in detail in this post, but the short version is that LEGO are including several rare and exclusive minfigures in a couple of the 2024 sets to celebrate the 25th anniversary of LEGO Star Wars.

The 75379 R2-D2 set is getting a particularly exciting 25th anniversary minifigure – Darth Malak (from the Knights of the Republic video game).

LEGO Star Wars Darth Malak 25th anniversary minifigure
Stellar minifigure. I’m betting a lot of folks will be buying this set purely to get their hands on Malak…

I won’t bore you with the whole backstory of the Jedi Civil War with Darth Malak and Darth Revan (read all about it here), but it’s a fantastic Star Wars story (and one that I hope makes it to the big screen one day!).

Darth Malak
During the Jedi Civil War, Malak’s entire jaw was removed by a lightsaber strike from Darth Revan, forcing him to wear a large metal prosthesis. (Who needs a regular jaw when you can have a cutting-edge metal upgrade, right?)
Darth Malak leaked minifigure
Leaked images of the Darth Malak minifigure spotted in the wild

Too soon for another buildable R2-D2?

This smaller buildable version of everyone’s favorite droid (sorry, BB-8) will hit shelves on March 1st, 2024 for $99.99, followed by his buddy the buildable C-3PO a few months later in August.

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Sure, a some might argue that releasing both R2-D2 and C-3PO in the same year is a bit too predictable, but I see it as a cool nod from LEGO to celebrate Star Wars, especially during the 25th Anniversary year.

Picture it – R2 and Threepio side by side, looking absolutely fantastic on your shelf. I’m a fan, and very excited to see what these look like when they’re officially released. (After all, R2 and Threepio are the only characters to appear in every single Star Wars movie so far…)

C-3PO and R2-D2 on Tatooine

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