LEGO 75391 Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter coming in June 2024 (official images revealed!)

*Update – official images of Rex’s Y-Wing are out!


As leaks for new LEGO Star Wars 2024 sets continue ramping up, one particularly interesting (and controversial, as we’ll see below) set has been Captain Rex’s Y-Wing Microfighter – scheduled for release in the Summer of 2024 on June 1st.

Why is this controversial? Well, the massive UCS Venator just launched in October 2023 for a whopping $650, and with it came a highly anticipated updated version of Captain Rex for the first time in a decade. Most people assumed Rex would be exclusive to the Venator. LEGO pretty much stated this in the Venator manual itself:

UCS Venator instruction manual inside page

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However, with the launch of this new Microfighter in 2024 which features the exact same Captain Rex minifigure as the Venator, it not only devalues the worth of the Venator’s Rex, but also takes away from the exclusivity of owning an expensive UCS set. Drama!

I’ll share my opinion on this below, but what’s your take on this? Is this a mistake by LEGO to include a supposedly “exclusive” UCS figure in a $13 set less than a year later, or is this fair play to give a long-standing fan favorite character to the masses at an affordable price? Let me know in the comments!

Set Details

Lego 75391 Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter ship with Rex minifigure
Set Number:75391
Release Date:1 June 2024
Piece Count:99 pieces
Minifigures:1 (Phase 2 Captain Rex)
Set Dimensions:4.5 x 3 x 1 in.
Where to

Now that official images of the box have been revealed, I’m please to say that the rumor mill was pretty much spot on for this set! Take a look:

Lego 75391 Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter box front
2 stud-shooters on either side (their bulk is hidden pretty well under the frame of the ship), and 2 decorative blasters on the front of the ship
Lego 75391 Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter box back
The wings are well designed for their small size, and feature the pink engine piece on the back. Nice looking cockpit too with a tiny windshield!

What’s so great about a Y-Wing from the Clone Wars?

If you’re not familiar with the animated shows, Captain Rex’s Y-Wing is from the gripping Clone Wars Season 7 finale where Rex and Ahsoka escape from a crashing Venator moments after Order 66.

Captain Rex's Y-Wing and Ahsoka falling clone wars season 7 finale
Get your tissues ready!

If you haven’t seen it, trust me, it’s worth the watch. One of my favorite Star Wars arcs ever.

Here’s a sneak peek of the scene:

We see this blue Y-Wing again several times during various animated shows, including The Bad Batch and Tales of the Jedi.

Captain Rex's Y-Wing

Captain Rex Minifigure

I list more in-depth details and photos of the updated Captain Rex minifigure in my Venator review, but here are the highlights:

  • Phase 2 Clone armor
  • Updated helmet design complete with painted blue hawk eyes decoration and tally kill marks on the side
  • Included range finder accessory
  • Faceprint featuring a small bandage where his inhibitor chip was taking out moments following Order 66 (thanks Ahsoka!)
  • Very detailed arm and leg printing
  • Cloth shoulder cape/pauldron
  • PRINTED waist cape/kama instead of a cloth one. Boo.
Captain Rex leak front and helmet
LOVE the inhibitor chip removal bandage! Still salty it’s a printed waist cape instead of a cloth one, but I’ll survive (or buy a 3rd party one)
Lego 75391 Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter with Rex minifigure
(Again, this is the EXACT SAME Rex minifigure as the Venator – same cloth pauldron, same helmet with tally marks, same faceprint, same arm printing…etc)
Captain Rex
Greatest clone of all time?

A STEAL for $13 (mainly for the minifigure obviously)

Rex’s microfighter will cost $12.99 and feature 99 pieces. This is a GREAT little mini-set to pick up in the 2024 Summer Wave on June 1st.

While fans who bought the $650 Venator to get an updated version of Rex will no doubt be annoyed that this “rare” figure will be appearing in a small cheap set mere months after launch, I think it’s a smart move by the LEGO Group for the general fandom, and also for kids who want a Captain Rex minifigure. (My 7 year old is beyond excited about this news…)

Go get that stellar UCS-calliber Captain Rex figure and save yourself the $650 Venator bill! 😉


Lego 75391 Captain Rex Y-Wing Microfighter hero

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