LEGO 40675 Commander Cody BrickHeadz Launching May 2024 (Official Images Revealed!)

As leaks for upcoming Star Wars LEGO sets for 2024 continue to ramp up, one of the smaller sets for the year is a rumored Commander Cody BrickHeadz.

*Update – Commander Cody can now been seen on >>

The BrickHeadz series is a fun and quirky side to the LEGO Star Wars lineup, but in recent years they have been very well designed and I’m always excited to see what the next addition to the collection is.

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Official images of the Commander Cody BrickHeadz have been revealed! Take a look:

Lego 40675 Commander Cody Brickheadz set with box

Looks like LEGO heard the persistent call from fans loud and clear asking for more Clone Wars era sets and characters, as 2023’s lineup featured several massive additions to Prequels and Clone Wars sets (hello Venator!), so it’s awesome to see this trend continue into 2024. Hopefully a Captain Rex BrickHeadz will be joining Cody next year!

Here’s all we know so far about this upcoming BrickHeadz set:

  • Cost $9.99
  • 226 pieces
  • Launching 1 May, 2024

I love the vibe of the original Phase 1 helmet style that Cody is donning here – nicely matches the recently released Cody Helmet set ( / Amazon links) from 2023.

Visor shape looks great! One minor gripe – while I appreciate that there’s a holocomm piece on his hand, I do wish it would have included the translucent Palpatine figure to recreate the exact moment order 66 happened, like in the MOC picture below:

Commander Cody BrickHeadz Leak MOC

MOC by @FMbricks on Rebrickable

Lego 40675 Commander Cody Brickheadz on display
Should have included the Palpatine translucent figure!

Cody will also be joined by another BrickHeadz set in May 2024, a big Phantom Menace Collection BrickHeadz set featuring six Episode 1 characters!

I’ll update here as soon as an official product page on LEGO’s website is released.

*Update – Commander Cody can now been seen on >>

Commander Cody during Order 66
Have we forgiven Cody for following orders and trying to kill Obi-Wan yet?

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