Young Jedi, Get Ready! First look at the new LEGO 75384 Crimson Firehawk (4+)

Official images of the newest LEGO addition to the Young Jedi Adventures Disney+ kids show have been released! The Crimson Firehawk will be launching on 1 January 2024.

*Update – this set can now be ordered on or Amazon

While this ship and crew might be unfamiliar to most casual Star Wars fans, this animated series (mainly aimed at much younger kids) is set during the High Republic Era and has been surprisingly popular, and now has multiple seasons streaming. It even features a middle-aged Yoda!

The set will contain 136 pieces and cost $49.99, which admittedly is quite steep, but these 4+ Star Wars LEGO sets often have larger pieces and uncommon exclusive minifigures.

Lego Star Wars 75384 The Crimson Firehawk box front
Lego Star Wars 75384 The Crimson Firehawk box back


The minifigure lineup will include Nubs, Nash Durango, and RJ-83. (If you don’t know who those are, ask your kids/nephews/nieces, hah).

Nubs and Nash look fantastic, and both feature completely unique and custom new molds. Nubs comes with a standard blue lightsaber and a great looking brown cape. Nash has his trusty tools and a small backpack.

RJ-83 looks a little odd to me… is that just a version of BB-8’s head on a clear cylinder piece with Droid legs printed on?

Lego Star Wars 75384 The Crimson Firehawk minifigures

Ship Features:

As can be expected from a 4+ set, the ship itself is constructed from several large pieces without a ton of detailing, but the engines looks surprisingly good, and that windshield piece is massive! (And thankfully has printed detailing on it, no stickers here for the 4 year olds!)

The interior of the ship is surprisingly spacious, and can easily fit all 3 characters, plus there’s even a rear ramp and storage area for the speeder bike! (This ship almost has more of an interior than some of the “bigger kid” collector’s ships – looking at you with disappointment T-6 Jedi Shuttle…)

Lego Star Wars 75384 The Crimson Firehawk box back cockpit and windshield
Lego Star Wars 75384 The Crimson Firehawk box back rear storage

Accompanying Builds & Accessories:

The set also includes a small blue speeder bike for Nubs (though no stud shooters here). And to really sell the value of parents spending $50 (ha), we’re also getting a cute little buildable market booth featuring some neat accessory pieces like fish, cheese, and an apple. There’s even a little grill/barbecue to cook the fish, as well as a few storage boxes. Lots of little extra bits for the little tykes to lose. 😉

This set looks to be a great buy for young kids who are fans of the show!

Lego Star Wars 75384 The Crimson Firehawk box back ship with minifigures, market, and accessories

Crimson Firehawk Specs:

Set Number:75384
Release Date:1 January 2024
Piece Count:136
Minifigures:2 (plus a Droid)
Where to / Amazon

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