LEGO Dark Side Millennium Falcon 75389 launching Aug 2024 (with Darth Jar Jar Binks minifigure!)

No, this set is not a joke. We are indeed getting a “Dark Side” Millennium Falcon this Fall… definitely not your typical Star Wars set!

*Update – an image of the front of the box has leaked!

Lego 75389 The Dark Falcon box front
Peep that mini-Death Star Canon on the antenna dish!

In case you’re wondering WHAT this set is and why… LEGO just released a trailer for a new movie coming out in the Fall called LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy, and it’s all about how “the building blocks of the galaxy are getting mixed up.” Good is bad, up is down, Ewoks are now bounty hunters, etc. Yeah I know, sounds crazy.

Check out the trailer here, then we’ll dive into everything we know about this new Falcon:

Did you see the Dark Falcon!? (40 second mark). WITH DARTH JAR JAR BINKS?! Never thought I would be typing those words…but here we are.

Expect the Dark Side Millennium Falcon to launch in August 2024 (priced at $179.99 with 1,579 pieces), featuring an alternative universe with a whole new crew of characters.

Since the current version of the Millennium Falcon is from 2019 ( / Amazon) and is set to retire soon, instead of just rolling out another standard Falcon, looks like we’re getting a (rather big) twist this time around.

Now, about the set itself – 75389 Dark Millennium Falcon is not just a build update. You saw the new movie trailer, so now imagine a Star Wars universe gone haywire, with Jedi turning to the Dark Side and Sith moving towards the light.

We’re talking Dark Side Rey, a Redeemed Jedi Vader with an all-white outfit (also known as Infinities Darth Vader), an Evil Bounty Hunter C-3PO, “Beach Luke Skywalker”, and supposedly someone called Darth Dev Greebling. Oh, and by now everyone knows Darth Jar Jar Binks is real and actually going to be made Canon! Unbelievable.

Lego 75389 Dark Side Millennium Falcon render
Screenshot of the Dark Millennium Falcon from the trailer.

*Update – we now have a leaked image of the White Jedi Vader minifigure! I LOVE that they made his face look like Sebastian Shaw – who played the original Force Ghost Anakin in 1983. Take a look, I still can’t believe this minifigure is actually happening!

Lego 75389 White Darth Vader minifigure leak
Sebastian Shaw from Return of the Jedi who played Force Ghost Anakin and Redeemed Darth Vader
Sebastian Shaw from the original cut of Return of the Jedi from 1983 (before George Lucas switched him out for Force Ghost Hayden Christensen in the 2004 DVD re-release)

*Update – leaked images of Darth Jar Jar Binks and Evil C-3PO have also surfaced:

Lego 75389 leaked images of Darth Jar Jar Binks and Dark C-3PO
Never thought I would see the day this would actually happen…! Peep Threepio’s evil red eyes and black arm (with SWEET printing), and “Darth” Jar-Jar with his all-black outfit and an incredible looking new molded headpiece. Looks like no arm or leg printing on Jar Jar though.

More images of the minifigures from the box leak. LOVE that they gave Jar Jar a double bladed lightsaber, and if you’re curious about Rey’s weird binocular-saber, it’s from the brief vision Rey has from The Rise of Skywalker when she meets Dark Side Rey who activates her hinged dual saber before it unfolds. Cool!

Amazing “Beach Luke” (far out man!) – love the blue milk too. If you look closely, he seems to be wearing the necklace that Anakin gave Padme after leaving Naboo! ūü§£

Lego 75389 The Dark Falcon minifigures leaked
Minifigures: Jedi Vader, Beach Luke Skywalker, Darth Jar Jar Binks, Darth Rey, Bounty Hunter C-3PO, Darth Dev Greebling

The Dark Falcon Specs:

Lego 75389 The Dark Falcon box back
Set Number:75389
Release Date:1 August 2024
Piece Count:1,579 pieces
Set Dimensions:Unknown

I’ll add more details and images here as I get them, so watch this space! And in the meantime, stay in the loop with all the remaining 2024 LEGO Star Wars leaks and releases hitting shelves soon, including two other sets based on the new Rebuild the Galaxy movie!

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