LEGO 75357 The Ghost & Phantom II from ‘Ahsoka’ Now Available!

The rumors were true! We now have official images of the new 75357 Ghost & Phantom II set releasing this fall on Sept 1st.

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We’ve known for a while now that one of the big Summer wave sets for 2023 would be an updated version of the Ghost (the last version was released almost a decade ago in 2014), and now that we have the official images in hand, Sept 1 cannot come quick enough!

Lego Star Wars 75357 The Ghost & Phantom II box front

For fans who haven’t seen the animated show, the Ghost is originally from the Rebels TV show from 2014, and will also be a feature in the upcoming Ahsoka show hitting Disney+ this fall.

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Set Details

First impressions from the photos – this set looks practically perfect. I am very excited to get my hands on this one.

The slightly downscaled version of the Phantom II is a fantastic addition, and the docking feature looks solid. It’s hard to tell exactly from the photos, but it looks like there’s some technic pieces involved that will click the Phantom in place as it docks on the roof of the Ghost.

The greebling and detailing on the outer hull of the Ghost is significantly improved from the 2014 version, and I’m also thrilled to see that the Ghost has a larger playable interior, accessible by removing the roof. Looks like we’re getting a small loading ramp, as well as some spring-loaded missiles. Check out that engine detailing!

Lego Star Wars 75357 The Ghost & Phantom II ship with minifigures

The Ghost Minifigures

Minifigures will include Hera Syndulla, her son Jacen, Chopper the Astromech droid, and two new characters who will be making their debuts in the upcoming Ahsoka TV show – a Mon Calamari named Lieutenant Beyta and First Officer Hawkins.

Unfortunately no Grand Admiral Thrawn figure is included, which to me is one of the only negative things to say about this set. Hopefully he will be included in some of the upcoming Ahsoka sets next year – check our 2024 LEGO leaks and rumors article for up to date news on this. Also, where is Zeb?!

Lego Star Wars 75357 The Ghost & Phantom II minifigures

The Ghost Specs and Pricing

This 10+ set will retail for $159.99 and will include 1,394 pieces, which makes it one of the biggest sets launching this year. Expect the Ghost & Phantom II to launch on Sept 1st alongside the other two Ahsoka show sets.

The box art also gives us a sneak peek as to what the 2023 Ahsoka minifigure will look like – sporting her dual white lightsabers.

Might be time to rewatch Rebels in celebration!

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Lego Star Wars 75357 The Ghost & Phantom II on display

FAQs about the LEGO 75357 Ghost & Phantom II:

When was the LEGO 2023 Ghost released?

The new LEGO Ghost set was released on 1 Sept, 2023.

How many pieces does the 2023 LEGO Ghost have?

The 2023 Ghost set has 1,394 pieces.

How much does the new 2023 LEGO Ghost set cost?

The 2023 Ghost set will cost $159.99.

What is the set number for the new 2023 LEGO Ghost?

The set number for the 2023 LEGO Ghost set is 75357.

What are the minifigures in the 2023 LEGO Ghost set?

The 75357 Ghost & Phantom II contains 5 minifigures: Hera Syndulla, her son Jacen, Chopper the Astromech droid, a Mon Calamari named Lieutenant Beyta, and First Officer Hawkins.

When was the original LEGO Ghost ship released?

The first LEGO Ghost ship from the Rebels TV show was released in 2014 and contained 929 pieces for $89.99.

How big is the 2023 LEGO Ghost?

The Ghost ship with the Phantom attached measures 4.5 in. high, 13.5 in. long, and 10.5 in. wide.

Is the new LEGO Ghost an Amazon exclusive?

Yes, the new LEGO Ghost is exclusive to, but can be ordered directly from as well.

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