LEGO 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer releasing August 2024 (plus Cal Kestis minifigure!)

Unexpected leaked reveal today (May 5th) for an upcoming surprise August 2024 set – an Imperial Star Destroyer! It’s certainly been a jam-packed “May the Fourth” week from LEGO, as we got all the May sets and Promos just released, the entire June Wave was leaked on May 1st (I cover these in my 2024 rumors article), and now an Imperial Star Destroyer!

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I originally had this set marked as a Death Star playset of some sort in my 2024 set list, but all of those rumors were clearly wrong. It’s been 10 years since we’ve had a playscale Star Destroyer, so I’m glad it turned out to be this!

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The ship will cost $159.99 and feature 1,555 pieces – releasing officially in August 2024. Here’s a few more images, then we can talk more details and minifigures below:

Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer ship with minifigures displayed
No surprise here, we’ve known for some time set 75394 would come with Cal Kestis as one of the 25th Anniversary of Star Wars minifigures. However, WHERE IS HIS PONCHO!?
Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer side view
Definitely getting flashbacks to the 2014 version…
Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer interior
Nice to see a fully accessible interior, featuring a small bridge, engine room, and various control room areas.
Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer rear engines
Peep the little hidden carrying handle right in front of the bridge.

Minifigure Lineup

Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer minifigures with Cal Kestis anniversary figure

Originally rumors for this set were pointing towards a massive minifigure lineup featuring up to a dozen figures, but obviously that leak ended up being false.

Instead, we’re getting 7 solid choices for a Star Destroyer, though I do feel a little let down we didn’t get Grand Moff Tarkin – I for sure thought he was a lock for a set like this. Last time we had Tarkin was way back in 2016 in the Death Star remake.

Bonus 25th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars Character – Cal Kestis

However, I suppose in his stead we do have a special minifigure – Cal Kestis is finally making his LEGO debut as a special 25th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars character! For those who aren’t gamers, Cal is the main character in the Jedi Survivor video game (which I’ve actually never played), but I can appreciate his inclusion into the LEGO Star Wars universe.

However, I do know enough about Cal to know that his signature look includes a poncho (and of course his trusty sidekick BD-1)… so a bit disappointing to see both missing here. (Side note, what is it with lego missing capes and ponchos this year? Even Episode 1 Darth Maul shipped without his iconic black cape in his Sith Infiltrator earlier this year…)

Lego 75394 Cal Kestis minifigure Jedi Survivor
Ok… I guess Cal’s not wearing a poncho in this promo picture either… maybe I was just being overly dramatic, ha.

Other Minifigures

The rest of the figures look solid – we’re getting the same Darth Vader we’ve had for about two years now with the new faceprint and arm-printing, and it’s cool to see Commander Praji making the cut as well.

Commander Praji
Remember him from Episode IV? If you don’t, here’s a hint: “She (Princess Leia) must have hidden the plans in the escape pod. Send a detachment down to retrieve them… See to it personally Commander.
– Darth Vader, to Commander Praji

We’re also getting an Imperial Gunner, an Imperial Crew Member, an Imperial Navy Trooper, and just ONE Stormtrooper (come on now LEGO!)

Here’s some closer images of the minifigures:

Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer Darth Vader on the bridge
“Don’t underestimate the power of the Force!” – Vader (probably)
Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer Darth Vader surprising an Imperial officer

Ship Details

Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer box back
Set Number:75394
Release Date:1 August 2024
Piece Count:1,555 pieces
Set Dimensions:18 x 11 x 6 in.
Where to Buy:Pre-order on / Amazon

Honesty my first thought after seeing all the pictures and the box art is…. it just looks a little small. I’m seeing similar reactions around social media today as well. There’s nothing much to complain about on the build – everything looks really really good for a playset – but it looks physically smaller than even the 2021 Imperial Light Cruiser (Amazon link), even though this Star Destroyer has around 200 more pieces.

For reference, the Light Cruiser was 22.5″ long, and this new Star Destroyer is only 18″ long.

I do love how the top section is removable to open the top panels which reveal the entire interior. LEGO did a great job cramming in a bridge, command room, break room, armory with weapons racks, and even a cargo box with a Kyber Crystal and thermal detonators.

The latest playscale Star Destroyer (let’s skip the massive UCS one for now), was released a decade ago back in 2014, and does look pretty similar:

Lego 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer from 2014
2014 model for reference. Find it on eBay or Amazon still, but be prepared to pay $500+ for it! (at the time of writing this)

Overall, I’m pretty mixed on this set. I do appreciate that the entire main area can be opened up for play features and minifigures, and LEGO did a good job not having any wasted space in the interior.

I think kids will absolutely love this set, and fans of Jedi Survivor will no doubt buy it just for that Cal figure, but for the rest of the fandom – I personally might wait til it goes on sale.

Meantime, keep up with the rest of the 2024 set releases here while we wait for this to hit shelves in August.

>> Pre-order the Imperial Star Destroyer: / Amazon

Lego 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer lifestyle images collage

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