LEGO 75388 Jedi Bob’s Starfighter coming in August 2024 (Yes, for real!)

The man, the myth, the legend: Jedi Bob!

I can hardly believe these words I’m typing, but LEGO are finally releasing an official Jedi Bob’s Starfighter set this year. What a wild year 2024 is shaping up to be for Star Wars fans!

No, this is not a joke. Jedi Bob is returning! LEGO just released a trailer for a new movie coming out in the Fall called LEGO Star Wars: Rebuild the Galaxy, and it’s all about how “the building blocks of the galaxy are getting mixed up.” Good is bad, up is down, Ewoks are now bounty hunters, etc.

Check out the trailer here, then we’ll dive into the set and what we know:

The upcoming trailer pretty much confirms it – 2024 will finally be the year Jedi Bob makes his glorious return, this time getting his very own Starfighter!

Jedi Bob’s Starfighter Rumored Set Details:

Set Number:75388
Release Date:1 August 2024
Piece Count:305
Set Dimensions:Approx 10″ x 5″

Who is Jedi Bob anyways, and what’s the big deal about him?

Lego 7163 Republic Gunship with Jedi Bob from 2002
The OG Republic Gunship from 2002

For those who don’t know, yes, Jedi Bob is a VERY BIG deal in the LEGO Star Wars community (half-way sarcastic there, ha).

It is an interesting story though. “Bob” first appeared as an unnamed Jedi Knight in the very first Republic Gunship (set 7163 – eBay link) way back in 2002. LEGO Star Wars fans quickly became enamored with this unknown Jedi, and he was unofficially given the name “Jedi Bob”, becoming an on-going joke and meme in the community. Unbelievably, the team at LEGO has apparently decided that Bob is in fact real, and worthy of his own set. 

Unfortunately, little else is known about the mysterious Jedi Bob, beyond this short entry in the 2009 LEGO Star Wars Encyclopedia:

Jedi Bob's 2009 Encyclopedia entry
Fun Fact: Jedi Bob is the only LEGO Star Wars Jedi to feature the generic yellow skin-tone, and his happy bearded face is from the LEGO City Line 🙂

This new Starfighter set will come with 4 minifiguresJedi Bob (obviously), a Clone Trooper (most likely Phase 1), a Mon Calamari (please be Admiral Ackbar!), and most likely an Astromech Droid to round it out. I was originally secretly hoping for an older and wiser gray-beaded Bob to accompany his younger self, but doesn’t look like that wish will come true.

While we don’t have any leaked images of Jedi Bob’s Starfighter yet, I’m fully expecting something similar to the current release of Obi-Wan’s Delta-7 Class Jedi Starfighter ( / Amazon). Perhaps in a slightly different color scheme.

Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter
Delta-7 Class Jedi Starfighter
Jedi Bob
The iconic Jedi Bob with his green lightsaber, gray tunic, and brown Jedi robe and hood

Stay up to date on the latest LEGO Star Wars 2024 leaks and rumors here, including info on the other two sets based on this new upside-down LEGO movie – a Dark Side Millennium Falcon and a hybrid X-Wing vs TIE Fighter.

Lego Jedi Bob with green lightsaber
Jedi Bob lives!!

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