All 6 LEGO Star Wars 25th Anniversary Minifigures coming in 2024

LEGO Star Wars celebrates its 25th anniversary (yep, 1999 really was the first year we got a Star Wars set!) with a special surprise for 2024. Fans are buzzing about reports of exclusive minifigures set to make their way into various LEGO Star Wars sets later this year to commemorate the anniversary.

Among the speculated characters are Darth Malak, Cal Kestis, a young Leia, fan-favorite ARC Trooper Fives, and more. These anniversary minifigures seem to draw inspiration from a diverse array of Star Wars games, comics, and series, reaching far beyond just the usual cinematic universe previously explored by the LEGO team.

*Update – Four of the minifigures have been officially released!

  • Fives – 75383 Boarding the Tantive IV: / Amazon
  • Darth Malak – 75379 Buildable R2-D2: / Amazon
  • Saw Gerrera – 75383 Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator:
  • Cal Kestis – 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer:

“Harnessing the power of the Force and… well… our designers… we’re releasing a big batch of special sets in our 25th year, including SIX limited-edition LEGO Star Wars minifigures!”

– LEGO Group

So how do you get these exclusive one-of-a-kind figures? They can’t be bought individually (yet), but several of the rumored 2024 set releases will feature these extra Star Wars minifigures, offering a fun bonus for collectors and fans.

LEGO Star Wars Darth Malak 25th anniversary minifigure
Official reveal of the 25th Anniversary minifigure plaque!

LEGO’s official promo video celebrating the 25th Anniversary:

Which sets are the 25th Anniversary Minifigures coming in?

MinifigureSet NameBuy
Darth Malak75379 Buildable R2-D2 (March 2024) / Amazon
Fives75387 Boarding the Tantive IV (March 2024) / Amazon
Saw Gerrera75383 Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator (May 2024)
Cal Kestis75394 Imperial Star Destroyer (Aug 2024)
Young Leia75392 Unknown Creature Build (Aug 2024)
Nien Nunb75396 Escape from the Sarlacc (Aug 2024)
*Bonus figure – R2-KT40755 Unknown 25th Anniversary Set (Oct 2024)
*Bonus figureJedi Bob75388 Jedi Bob’s Starfighter (Aug 2024)
*Bonus figureDarth Maul2024 LEGO Star Wars Visual Dictionary (April 2024)Amazon
*Unconfirmed – Infinities Darth Vader75389 Dark Millennium Falcon (Aug 2024)
(Read more about all of these upcoming 2024 sets here)

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One important thing to point out – it doesn’t look like any of these upcoming 25th Anniversary figures will have back printing with the logo (except for the Darth Maul coming with the 2024 Visual Dictionary). In 2019, all the figures had the back logo for the 20th Anniversary.

Darth Malak Minifigure

Darth Malak
During the Jedi Civil War, Malak’s entire jaw was removed by a lightsaber strike from Darth Revan, forcing him to wear a large metal prosthesis. (Who needs a regular jaw when you can have a cutting-edge metal upgrade, right?)

I grew up playing Knights of the Old Republic on our family PC, sneaking as much time as I could squeeze in around my dad working on it (back in the 90’s when most families just had one “family” computer in a shared home office), so I was beyond thrilled when I heard an official Darth Malak minifgure was coming in 2024.

I won’t bore you with the whole backstory of the Jedi Civil War and Darth Malak and Darth Revan (read all about it here), but it’s a fantastic Star Wars story (and one that I hope makes it to the big screen one day!).

Darth Malak will be included as the special 25th anniversary minifigure in the 75379 Buildable R2-D2 set, which releases on 1 March, 2024 for $99.99.

>> Update: Pre-orders now live on or Amazon

Leaked images of Darth Malak:

Darth Malak leaked minifigure
Lego Star Wars 75379 Buildable R2-D2 Darth Malak minifigure on 25th Anniversary stand

ARC Trooper Fives Minifigure

ARC Trooper Fives

Call me Fives.
But…five is a number.
No, not five. Fives.
Oh…the difference is minimal.
Not to me. And not to any clone.

– Fives and AZI-3

Clone Wars fans are freaking out right now. ARC Trooper Fives!! If you’re not a fan of the animated TV Series, try to make some time to watch it. Trust me. (Fives’ story begins in Season 3 of the Clone Wars show)

Short version – after completing his Clone training on Kamino, Fives joined the ranks of the elite Advanced Recon Commandos as CT-5555, before eventually joining the infamous 501st Legion with Captain Rex (peep Rex’s upcoming Microfighter!). I won’t give too many spoilers in case you haven’t seen it, but let’s just say if a few details involving Fives would have happened even slightly differently, it’s possible Order 66 wouldn’t have been the massacre that it was…

Fives will be included as the special 25th anniversary minifigure in the 75387 Boarding the Tantive IV set, which releases on 1 March, 2024 for $54.99.

>> Update: Pre-orders now live on or Amazon

Leaked images of Fives:

ARC Trooper Fives leak face
Got his beard and face tattoo!
Fives lego helmet vs animated show
Fives LEGO helmet vs the original from the show…hmm… thoughts?
Lego 75387 Boarding the Tantive IV Fives minifigure on display stand
Fives on the new 25th Anniversary stand

Saw Gerrera Minifigure

Mystery 25th anniversary LEGO Star Wars miniature

This image was spotted on LEGO’s website, teasing one of the 25th Anniversary minifigures. Now, to me that looks like the silhouette of the upcoming 75383 Sith Infiltrator, which is launching in May.

The text reads “Rebel with a cause”, which makes me think it’s potentially a younger version of Ezra, or perhaps Saw Gerrera? Purely speculation at this point – I’ll update here when more information is known.

*Update – this anniversary figure is confirmed to be Saw Gerrera! Pick him up with the Sith Infiltrator when it launches soon.

Lego Saw Gerrera vs real
Amazing detailing and printing. Green color too bright though?

While the detailing and printing on the special Saw Gerrera Anniversary figure does look fantastic, I’m struggling to get used to the bright green color. (Cool shoulder pad piece and cape though). Source material definitely shows a more muted, darker color for Saw’s outfit. Thoughts?

One possible explanation is that in the image below, the Saw on the left is from a rendered box art image, and the one on the right is a leaked image of Saw spotted in the wild. Perhaps the box artwork design team took a few too many liberties with the photo and color editing and brightened the green color too much…?

Saw Gerrera minifigure leak
A little blurry on the right, spotted in the wild.
Saw Gerrera
He’s definitely a “Rebel with a cause”

*Update – thanks to David at Solid Brix Studios (he got the Sith Infiltrator a month before launch!), we have better photos of what Saw will look like in real life. Thankfully the green is far more muted and accurate than the box render originally showed. Phew!

Lego Saw Gerrera
Actual darker green color shown here. Stunning attention to detail in this figure – really a fantastic job by LEGO for this special 25th Anniversary character. (Peep that awesome printed back cape!)

Saw Gerrera will be included as the special 25th anniversary minifigure in the 75383 Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator set, which releases on 1 May, 2024 for $69.99.

>> Update: Now listed on

Cal Kestis Minifigure

Cal Kestis from Jedi Survivor video game, with BD-1

I never really got around to playing the Jedi Survivor video game – my gaming career peaked with Knights of the Old Republic in the early 2000’s 😉 – but based on the chatter in the Star Wars community at large, excitement levels are off the charts at the news that LEGO are releasing an official Cal Kestis minifigure. If you’re a fan of the game and Cal, then this is your year!

Cal Kestis will be included as the special 25th anniversary minifigure in the 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer set, which releases on 1 Aug, 2024 for $159.99 with 1,555 pieces.

>> Update: Now available for Pre-order on

Unfortunately BD-1 won’t be joining Cal, but I suppose if you already have a BD-1 figure, there will be room on the 6×4 stud anniversary plate for him. Kind of wish LEGO would have just gone ahead and included him with Cal…

Images and details of the upcoming Star Destroyer are now out – my thoughts here.

Lego 75394 Cal Kestis minifigure Jedi Survivor
Lego Cal Kestis minifigure leak
Where’s his poncho?!

Young Leia Minifigure

Youn Leia

So far we don’t know much about what set the young Leia 25th anniversary minifigure will be featured in, beyond that it’s set #75392, releasing in August 2024. Latest rumors are pointing towards some sort of a creature build for $100, but I’ll update here as soon as more info is known.

If you’re just familiar with the theatrical Star Wars films themselves and aren’t sure why a young Leia is significant, she’s from the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ show, which is set between Episodes III and IV. As a 10-year-old Leia transforms into a key character on the show, her backstory unfolds, portraying the princess in her earlier years before she evolved into the fearless general we recognize today.

Can’t wait to see how the minifigure turns out!

*Update – we have a leaked image of the young Leia miniature! Take a look:

Lego Young Leia Organa minifigure leak
As expected, young Leia has the LEGO short legs, instead of the regular size.
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Young Princess Leia
“Are you my real father?” 😭

Nien Nunb Minifigure

Nien Nunb holding his helmet

Nien Nunb is coming as an Anniversary Minifigure! For fans who aren’t super familiar or need a quick reminder, Nien makes several appearances from Episode VI through IX as a pilot. Here are some of his highlights:

  • Co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon with Lando Calrissian during the Battle of Endor
  • X-Wing pilot during the Battle of Starkiller Base (he had been promoted to a Lieutenant Commander by this point!)
  • Pilot of Leia’s old Tantive IV Blockade Runner during the Battle of Exegol – unfortunately he was killed when Palatine’s massive lightning storm struck the Resistance ships and the Tantive exploded 🙁

Nien Nunb will be included as the special 25th anniversary minifigure in the 75396 Escape from the Sarlacc set, which releases on 1 Aug, 2024 for $79.99.

Although I wouldn’t have guessed Nien Nunb as one of the Anniversary minifigures in a million years, I’m actually pretty excited by this. He’s a cool “easter egg” sort of character, and it’s super neat that his character has made a few appearances throughout multiple Star Wars movies over the decades. I’m all for it, and am excited to see what LEGO comes out with for his figure!

*Update – we have a leaked image of the Nien Nunb miniature! Take a look:

Lego Nien Nunb minifigure leak

R2-KT Astromech Droid


The final 25th Anniversary figure for 2024 is an unexpected character, but a really sweet and appreciated one.

For those who don’t know the story, R2-KT, the “Droid With the Heart of Gold,” was created by the R2-D2 Builders Club in 2005 as a tribute to Katie Johnson, the seven-year-old daughter of Albin Johnson, the founder of the 501st Legion costuming group. Katie was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2004, and Albin (who was doing 501st charity work at the time) received support from around the Star Wars community.

As Katie’s declining health struck her bedridden, the girl wished she had a droid to watch over her, like R2-D2 watched over Padmé Amidala in Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones. When Jerry Greene of the R2 Builders heard about the Johnsons’ story, he and his fellow builders organized a campaign to collect parts and assemble an R2 unit for Katie. In a few months, they constructed a custom, fully functional droid which they painted pink and named R2-KT. According to Albin, Katie kept the droid by her bedside through her final days.

R2-KT Ambassadroids

R2-KT has since been used to visit children’s hospitals and spread awareness of pediatric illness by attending Star Wars events. The droid has also been the focus of various fundraisers; in 2007, Hasbro Inc. produced an R2-KT action figure, raising $100,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and in 2015, Mattel sold a Celebration Anaheim–exclusive R2-KT Hot Wheels collectible, donating the proceeds to Star Wars: Force for Change. With the 501st Legion, R2-KT has raised millions of dollars for charity.


This exclusive pink R2 droid is rumored to appear in set 40755, which is a currently unknown special Star Wars 25th Anniversary Celebration set, scheduled to release in October 2024 with 383 pieces.

Bonus Minifigure – Jedi Bob

Jedi Bob and Clone Trooper

So yes, technically the legendary Jedi Bob is not one of the official 25th Anniversary of Star Wars characters for this year, but I just had to mention him in this list as an extra bonus special minifigure for the year.

2024 will finally be the year Jedi Bob makes his glorious return, this time getting his very own Jedi Starfighter!

For those who don’t know the story, “Bob” first appeared as an unnamed Jedi Knight in the very first Republic Gunship (set 7163 – eBay link) way back in 2002. LEGO Star Wars fans quickly became enamored with this unknown Jedi, and he was unofficially given the name “Jedi Bob”, becoming an on-going joke and meme in the community. Unbelievably, the team at LEGO has apparently decided that Bob is in fact real, and worthy of his own set.

Unfortunately, little else is known about the mysterious Jedi Bob, beyond this short entry in the 2009 LEGO Star Wars Encyclopedia:

Jedi Bob's 2009 Encyclopedia entry

Fun Fact: Jedi Bob is the only LEGO Star Wars Jedi to feature the generic yellow skin-tone, and his happy bearded face is from the LEGO City Line 🙂

Never thought I would actually be typing these words, but expect the 75388 Jedi Bob’s Starfighter to launch in August 2024 for $39.99. What a wild year 2024 is shaping up to be!

UNCONFIRMED – “Infinities” White Darth Vader Minifigure

White Darth Vader
Amazon sells this White Redeemed Darth Vader action figure

*This rumor is currently unconfirmed. Take with a huge grain of salt.

LEGO are rumored to be releasing a “what if” Dark Side Sith Millennium Falcon in 2024, featuring an alternative universe with a whole new crew of characters. Yeah I know, sounds crazy.

The upcoming Dark Millennium Falcon set isn’t just a ship update though – imagine a Star Wars universe gone haywire, with Jedi turning to the Dark Side and Sith moving towards the light. We’re talking Dark Side Rey, a redeemed Darth Vader with an all-white outfit (also known as Infinities Darth Vader), and even evil versions of C-3PO and Chewbacca.

This redeemed version of Dark Vader is actually featured in the alternate comic book series Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Infinities. In the comic Vader duels Luke aboard the second Death Star when Leia arrives, revealing that she too is a Skywalker. Unable to confront both his children, Vader turns from the dark side. He reemerges as a Jedi once more, clad all in white armor. Aww.. happy family reunion.

Supposedly White Darth Vader will be included as the special 25th anniversary minifigure in the 75389 Dark Millennium Falcon set, which releases on 1 August, 2024 for $169.99, but this has not been confirmed yet.

Stay up to date on the latest 2024 LEGO Star Wars leaks and rumors here.

Lego Star Wars 25th anniversary logo
Also, check out the 25th Anniversary starship lineup, featuring a new trio of classic ships

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