Trio of LEGO Star Wars “Starship Collection” 2024 midi-scale 25th Anniversary ships released!

2024 celebrates of 25 Years of LEGO Star Wars (I know, I can hardly believe it either! 1999 doesn’t seem that long ago!), and we are getting a trio of new midi-scale starships on March 1st to commemorate the anniversary.

These these ships feature both the original trilogy and the prequels, as we’re getting treated to all-new versions of the Millennium Falcon, the Tantive IV, and the (slightly lesser known) Invisible Hand.

*Update – All 3 ships have been officially released and can be ordered!

Set NameWhere to Buy
75375 Millennium / Amazon
75376 Tantive / Amazon
75377 Invisible

Each 18+ ship comes with a sleek, black brick-built stand, a nameplate/plaque, and a special 25th Anniversary Brick to display.

Lego Star Wars 75375 midi-scale Millennium Falcon 25th anniversary brick on display stand

75375 Millennium Falcon

Lego Star Wars 75375 midi-scale Millennium Falcon box and ship

“ANOTHER Millennium Falcon?!” – I hear you cry…well, yes, but hold on a second. This is a different take on a classic design, as it looks like the new midi-scale series is here to stay!

Instead of an updated playscale version like we’ve seen many times before, LEGO are instead continuing with the return of the midi-scale series (made popular by 2023’s surprise hit of the Executor Super Star Destroyer ( / Amazon) launch).

The fastest “hunk of junk” in the galaxy looks fantastic with updated mid-scale treatment (just look at that greebling!!), and the 25th Anniversary Plaque looks stunning on the display stand.

Lego Star Wars 75375 midi-scale Millennium Falcon on display on table

I’ve got more thoughts and images in my midi-scale Millennium Falcon review, but here’s the main details you need to know for now:

Set Number:75375
Release Date:1 March 2024
Piece Count:921
Set Dimensions:9.5″ x 5″
Age Rating:18+
Where to / Amazon

75376 Tantive IV

Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV box and ship on display stand

Princess Leia’s Tantive IV translates perfectly to midi-scale size, and packs a surprising amount of detail into the smaller scale. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the cockpit area, it looks a little too small for me? Thoughts? (comment below)

Also, hopefully you already have a Princess Leia minifigure, as just like the other ships in the series, we’re not getting any minifigures to accompany this 18+ display set either.

Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV on display on bookshelf

Read more about the midi-scale Tantive IV in my review, but in the meantime here’s the specs:

Set Number:75376
Release Date:1 March 2024
Piece Count:654
Set Dimensions:15.5″ x 6″
Age Rating:18+
Where to / Amazon

75377 Invisible Hand

Lego Star Wars 75377 midi-scale Invisible Hand box and ship

This might be the least popular ship of the bunch, but for prequel and Clone Wars fans, this is peak Star Wars.

For fans who need a reminder, the ‘Invisible Hand’ was the flagship that General Grievous commanded in the Clone Wars when he captured Chancellor Palpatine at the beginning of Episode III, (RIP Count Dooku).

This ship is the smallest and cheapest of the trio, but despite that has no shortage of details (check out the green stud to represent the bridge/cockpit!), and looks stunning with the display stand and 25th anniversary brick.

Lego Star Wars 75377 midi-scale Invisible Hand displayed on shelf

Check out my review for more images and thoughts on the Invisible Hand, but for now here’s the specs you need to know:

Set Number:75377
Release Date:1 March 2024
Piece Count:557
Set Dimensions:11.5″ x 7″
Age Rating:18+
Where to

Long Live the Midi-Scale Series! Yay or Nay?

Lego Star Wars midi-scale ships hero

Personally, I am thrilled that the new midi-scale Starship Collection is being rebooted by LEGO, and I hope we get many years of classic Star Wars ships in this size/format moving forward.

I think LEGO have finally realized that adult fans don’t just want massive $500+ UCS sets to be considered for their “grown-up” collections, and many of us actually prefer the smaller footprint of these downscaled ships, which still contain premium details and display stands. I’m a fan!

The main downside I’ve heard to this new trio of ships is the lack of included minifigures for the price, but this wasn’t really a surprise – just like last year’s Executer Star Destroyer, nothing in the midi-scale series from LEGO Star Wars will include minifigures. However, if you really want to display Han, Princess Leia, and General Grievous with these ships, you’ll notice that the display stand does in fact have a spot available. If you remove the light gray grate piece on the stand, there’s 2 studs there for placing a figure of your choice. (And potentially room for 2 minifigures if you remove the Anniversary plaque). Compromise?

What do you think? Are these new ships a hit and an instant purchase on day one, or are they overpriced for what they are?

Lego Star Wars 25th anniversary logo
There’s also special Anniversary minifigures launching in various other 2024 sets, including Fives, Darth Malak, and more!

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