What to expect from “May the 4th” 2024 LEGO Star Wars Day (Sets, Promos, and GWP)

Rumors for upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets for the rest of 2024 are heating up! Among the leaks are some nuggets on the upcoming “May the 4th” promos, deals, and GWP (gift with purchase) sets.

*Update – the UCS TIE Interceptor can now be seen on LEGO.com >>

For those who don’t know, “May the 4th” has been universally dubbed as “Star Wars Day” by fellow nerds across the globe, and LEGO typically celebrates with several in-store and online promotions. Promos usually include extra Insider points, discounts on selected sets, free gifts with purchases, and several new Star Wars set releases (we see you, UCS TIE Interceptor!)

Why is Star Wars Day called "May the 4th"?
In case you don't know why May 4th is known as Star Wars Day, it’s actually quite simple. The phrase is a fun play on words: “May the fourth” sounds like “May the force” – from the famous Star Wars line “May the force be with you”. Now you know!
May the 4th be with you graphic

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2024 LEGO May the 4th Promotions

Although “May the 4th” 2024 is still a ways to go, we do have some details already on what we can expect from LEGO. Here’s everything we know (so far) about the promos and upcoming sets for Star Wars Day:

  1. 75382 UCS TIE Interceptor (View on LEGO.com)
  2. GWP Promo – 40686 Trade Federation Troop Carrier
  3. GWP Promo – Battle of Yavin Collectable Coin
  4. GWP Promo – 30680 AAT Polybag
  5. 4x Insider Points on Select Sets
  6. Discounts on Select Sets
  7. Seven brand new LEGO Star Wars set releases

1. 75382 UCS TIE Interceptor

Lego 75382 UCS TIE Interceptor on table
Official image of the upcoming UCS TIE Interceptor!

I’ve got a whole separate article out about the upcoming May 4th release of the UCS TIE Interceptor, but here’s the highlights you need to know for now:

The 2024 TIE Interceptor will contain 1,931 pieces and retail for $229.99, which puts it $10 cheaper than the previous two May the 4th set releases, the UCS Landspeeder (link) and UCS X-Wing (link).

As for minifigures, the original rumors for this set included 2 figures. However, now that some leaked images are starting to circulate, it’s more like 1.5 figures… As expected, we’re getting an ultra-detailed TIE Pilot, and a small buildable Mouse Droid. Yep…a Mouse Droid. I was really hoping for a special 2nd figure (Moff Gideon?), but no go this time around.

Also, no surprise here, but don’t expect the TIE Interceptor to be minifigure scale (just like the 2023 X-Wing). It features a nice brick-built stand and plaque for the figures to display on, and the detailed cockpit will be larger than minifigure-scale. Also, we’re getting the 25th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars brick on the display stand. Nice touch!

Expect the TIE Interceptor to officially launch on May 4th, 2024 for the general public, and if you’re a LEGO Insider, you’ll be able to snag it early on May 1st. Woohoo!


2. GWP 40686 Trade Federation Troop Carrier

Lego 40686 Trade Federation Troop Carrier GWP for May 4th, 2024
Official box art for the main 2024 May 4th GWP: The Trade Federation Troop Carrier

Typically LEGO includes one or two GWP (gift with purchase) promos during the entire week of May the 4th (usually the 1st through the 5th) for purchases above a certain threshold, like $160 for example. Spend $160 = receive some goodies. Simple!

($160 has been confirmed to be the required threshold to qualify for the main GWP)

If you’re new to how these GWP’s work, if you spend at least $160 on ANY Star Wars sets during the May the 4th week (May 1 – 5), this Battle Droid Carrier will be thrown in for free. Whee! (Or just pick it up on eBay following the event).

Last year’s May the 4th big GWP Promo was the fantastic Mini Death Star II, which didn’t include any minifigures, but did come with a sweet plaque of the 40th Anniversary of Return of the JediThe only place to find the Mini Death Star II now if you missed it last year is on eBay (link). Happy bidding!

The main GWP for 2024 is a prequel-era Trade Federation Battle Droid Troop Carrier, featuring 262 pieces with 8 Battle Droids included.

Here’s a picture of the back of the box:

Lego 40686 Trade Federation Troop Carrier box back
 The rack with the 6 regular Battle Droids even slides out and unfolds!

Looks like a nice little build, with 8 Battle Droids, including 2 unique captain/pilot Droids with blue torso pieces. (Have we ever seen that blue Battle Droid before? I don’t think we have… comment below if you have more information on this blue figure).

Dimensions on this one are 8″ long, 3″ tall, and 3″ wide. There’s a part of me that wishes this was just being released as a regular set for shelves! I bet most Prequels fans would pay $30 for this…

Reminds me of 2015’s release of the 75086 Battle Droid Troop Carrier (which can still be found on eBay or Amazon) if you’ve got a few Benjamins to spare.

Lego 75086 Battle Droid Troop Carrier from 2015
2015’s Battle Droid Troop Carrier for reference. Still holds up to today’s standards!

Going even further back in the archive to the infant days of LEGO Star Wars revealed the very first iteration of a Battle Droid Carrier, set 7126, which can also be found on eBay or Amazon if you want a piece of LEGO history from 2001.

Lego 7126 Battle Droid Carrier from 2001
The good ol’ days of LEGO Star Wars when set numbers were only 4 digits (2001)

A Battle Droid Carrier set aligns perfectly with the 25th Anniversary Year of Episode I, and I’m excited to see what LEGO comes out with!

3. GWP Battle of Yavin Collectable Coin

GWP Battle of Yavin collectable coin

Probably the least exciting thing on this list, a GWP for purchases over $90 for the week of May 1-5 will be a special Battle of Yavin Collectable coin. Yay…?

Personally, I wish they would skip the non-LEGO promotional items and just give us actual LEGO builds or minifigures. I don’t know of anyone who was actually excited about the coin last year…

One thing to mention for this coin is that it’s only eligible for members of the LEGO Insiders Program. If you haven’t already, sign up now!

4. GWP AAT Polybag

Lego 30680 AAT Polybag

Perfect Polybag GWP for this year – a classic Episode 1 vehicle, the AAT. Love it.

This adorable mini-build will be a free GWP for any purchase over a $40 threshold during May 4th week. Great looking build, it’s also got a rotating laser cannon!

Normally these Polybags are only worth $5, but still, it’s nice to get a small bonus included with larger purchases, especially since this one contains 75 pieces. I’ll take it!

5. 4x Insider Points on Select Sets

May 4th 2024 4X Insider Points on select sets

This one starts a day early on April 30th! Get a whopping 4x Insider Points on the purchase of any of these 5 sets: (links)

Though, to me it makes more sense to wait until May 1st if you are planning on purchasing any of these sets, as then you’ll also qualify for the free GWP sets.

6. Discounts on Select Sets

May 4th 2024 set discounts

Okay, so maybe we would have preferred something other than Chewbacca (sorry Chewie…) for the discounted sets, but the Ghost and the Throne Room Diorama are solid choices for discounted sets.

$30 off the Ghost, $35 off the buildable Chewbacca, and $15 off the Emperor’s Throne Room. Not bad.

Note, this is ONLY available to current members of the LEGO Insiders Program (sign up now if you haven’t already!). It costs Zero Insider Points to redeem discounts on any of these 3 models, and then from there you can purchase. If you haven’t already picked any of these up and were planning on it (the Ghost might be retiring at the end of this year!), now’s your chance.

7. New LEGO Star Wars set launches for May 2024

So far, the 2024 rumor mill has 7 new sets scheduled for launch on May 1st, including the highly anticipated UCS TIE Interceptor we covered above.

I’ve got separate posts for each of these sets, so I won’t dive into them here, but here’s what we’re expecting to launch on Star Wars Day/week in May: (links)

(Lots of great Star Wars Episode 1 stuff here! Can’t wait!)

Remember, if you want to take advantage of the free gifts with purchase and the extra Insider points, plan to order during the week of May 1st – 5th to qualify for all the free goodies and promos. As soon as these upcoming sets are officially listed on LEGO’s website, I’ll update the links above.

Bonus item – Star Wars Art Print

Limited edition LEGO Star Wars art print

Extra – here’s also a neat looking Star Wars Art Print that can be redeemed for 1,800 Insider Points during the May 4th event. Notes on LEGO’s website describe it as a “limited-edition print by artist Joe Hogan.”

Looks pretty cool, and features a cool collage of headshots of current and classic characters (Jedi Bob?!).

Grogu May the 4th be with you meme

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