LEGO 75376 Midi-Scale Tantive IV officially released!

The midi-scale series lives on! Launching this year will be a midi-scale Tantive IV (Princess Leia’s ship from the opening scene of Star Wars A New Hope), accompanying the launches of the midi-scale Millennium Falcon and Invisible Hand.

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After months of anticipation and rumors, we finally get a glimpse of the official images for the highly-anticipated 75376 Tantive IV – and it’s absolutely spectacular! The set will launch on 1 March 2024 for $79.99 and feature 654 pieces

Take a look at the fantastic box art below. LOVE the addition of the silver/light blue 2024 box artwork we’ve seen on some other sets combined with the familiar all-black 18+ vibe. Fantastic 25th Anniversary logo as well.

Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV box and ship on display stand
Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV back of box

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This new trio of smaller 18+ midi-scale ships slated for 2024 are following in the footsteps of 2023’s surprise launch of the Executor Super Star Destroyer ( / Amazon), which was massively successful among adult LEGO Star Wars fans.

The last Tantive IV ship we got was back in 2019, and it was in a larger, ultra-detailed almost UCS size at 1,768 pieces. (This ship has since been since discontinued, but can be found on Amazon and eBay if you’re willing to pony up a little extra cash).

Lego Star Wars 75244 Tantive IV box front
The much larger 2019 version of the Tantive IV

2024 Midi-scale Tantive IV Specs:

Set Number:75376
Release Date:1 March 2024
Piece Count:654
Set Dimensions:15.5″ x 6″
Age Rating:18+
Where to / Amazon

As with the other midi-scale ships for 2024, the Tantive IV sits on a black brick-built stand with a nameplate, and also includes a special 25th Anniversary LEGO Star Wars brick to celebrate LEGO Star Wars turning 25 years old in 2024.

Hopefully you already have a Princess Leia minifigure, as we’re not getting any minifigures to accompany this 18+ display set either.

But this wasn’t really a surprise – just like last year’s Executer Star Destroyer, none of the 2024 midi-scale series ships will include minifigures either. However, if you really want to display Leia or Bail Organa, you’ll notice that the display stand does have a spot available – if you remove the light gray grate piece on the stand, there’s 2 studs there for placing a figure of your choice. (And potentially room for 2 minifigures if you remove the Anniversary plaque).

Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV side view
Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV
Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV details, features, and display stand with 25th anniversary plaque
The side folds down to reveal the “interior” – complete with some single colored studs to represent the characters on board. Love it!
Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV rear engines
Great detailing on the engines!

Is this new midi-scale Tantive IV a no-brainer day one purchase for you? Or too expensive for what it is? Let me know in the comments below!

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Lego Star Wars 75376 midi-scale Tantive IV on display on bookshelf top view
Star Wars Tantive IV ship

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