LEGO 75313 UCS AT-AT Review (bigger than your dog?)

Is this the best Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set ever released? Has the 2021 UCS AT-AT finally dethroned the timeless 2017 UCS Millennium Falcon as the most accurate UCS set ever? It just might have… let’s take a closer look.

“The mega-sized LEGO Star Wars AT-AT set is the one everyone has been waiting for, and it’s been a thrill to bring this highly-anticipated build to life. The AT-AT was an engineering masterpiece and the LEGO set will make an impressive display. But we have also packed in plenty of details that will deliver hours of fun for fans of LEGO and Star Wars alike.”

– LEGO Design Master Henrik Andersen

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Release Date:26 November 2021
Piece Count:6,785
Set Dimensions:28 x 25 x 10 in.
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First off, the minifigure scale UCS AT-AT is an absolute behemoth. This menacing Imperial Walker stands 25″ tall, features 6,785 pieces, contains easily 15+ hours of building time, and is potentially bigger than your dog.

UCS AT-AT vs dog size comparison
AT-AT vs Dog (thanks for the pic @BricksFanz!)

This AT-AT is one of the most impressive and intimidating looking sets ever (and currently ranks as the 2nd largest Star Wars set released)!

Watch your wallet though, as this behemoth will set you back over 8 Benjamins on However, the level of detail, piece count, and engineering and design experience that this AT-AT provides makes the premium price point worth it for serious LEGO fans.

Lego Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT on display

The AT-AT made its debut in Empire Strikes Back, lumbering across the icy plains of Hoth towards Echo Base, preparing to wipe out the last remaining Rebel base. While the Empire was mostly successful, Luke still manages to take out this particular AT-AT with his thermal detonator.

The AT-AT’s belly includes the bomb-hatch that Luke blasts open, and the set includes a handy attachment for Luke’s grappling hook line, which looks great when Luke is posed holding his lightsaber and thermal detonator:

Lego Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT Luke Skywalker hanging with cable

The Interior

The side panels remove easily to reveal a surprisingly accurate interior, boasting enough room to fit 40 minifigures (Snowtroopers) and 4 speeder bikes:

Lego Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT side panels removed showing interior

For a quick peek into the interior without having to remove the entire side panel, there’s also side cargo doors, revealing the E-Web heavy repeating blaster:

Lego Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT side hatch with e-web blaster and snowtrooper

The Minifigures

Given the large seat capacity, the included minifigure selection seems a little lacking, especially considering only 5 of the included 9 minifigures are actually Snowtroopers designed to sit in the body of the AT-AT. That leaves 35 Snowtroopers left you would need to individually purchase through buying 12x of the 75320 Battle Pack set (adding up to an extra $240!), should you wish to fully pack every seat.

For those hardcore fans who are up to the challenge, here’s what the UCS AT-AT looks like with all 40 minifigures in:

UCS AT-AT with all 40 minifigures
Thanks for the shot @MandRproductions!

For those just interested in the included lineup of minifigures, here’s what the $849 set will get you:

  • General Veers (exclusive)
  • Luke Skywalker
  • 2 AT-AT Drivers
  • Snowtrooper Commander (exclusive)
  • 4 Snowtroopers
Lego Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT minifigures and plaque

The Legs

While this set is mainly designed to be posed still, the design of the legs does allow for some maneuverability. There is a LEGO-built adjustment screwdriver tool that allows for each of the knees to be adjusted, allowing the legs to be posed into several different angles.

The leg assembly and design is an engineering marvel to say the least – the ability for this 25″ tall model to stand securely in multiple positions without toppling over is a construction feat that the LEGO team should be commended for.

(The screwdriver is cleverly stored behind the UCS plaque when not in use).

Lego Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT posable legs adjustment tool

The Head

If I had one complaint from the smaller, playscale version of the AT-AT (set 75288), it’s that the cockpit is very squished to comfortably fit 3 minifigures. The UCS AT-AT completely solves that problem, as there is ample room for both AT-AT pilots to sit, as well as plenty of room for General Veers to stand behind them with his own console.

UCS AT-AT cockpit
Thanks to @BrothersBrick for the picture

Controlling the head is possible via a small gear behind the neck. There isn’t a huge range of motion, but I feel it’s enough to accurately represent the heavy-footed AT-AT.

UCS AT-AT head moving
Gif courtesy of @TheBrothersBrick

For the first time ever on a LEGO AT-AT, the designers have finally included the red windshield, which looks fantastic. The canons below the head are interconnected, and move opposite of each other when moved, which is a nice touch. The side cannons also rotate for posing.

Lego Star Wars 75313 UCS AT-AT rotating head canons

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, I know $850 is a lot to ask for one LEGO set. However, this AT-AT (along with the UCS Falcon and perhaps the UCS Razor Crest) is as good as Star Wars LEGO gets, and is well worth saving up for. Having a classic model with this sheer size and detailing (AND minifigure scale too) is just incredibly cool, and is definitely a contender for the top Star Wars LEGO set of all time.

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How long does the UCS AT-AT take to build?

The UCS AT-AT takes about 15 hours to build.

How many seats does UCS AT-AT have?

The main body of the UCS AT-AT has space for 40 Snowtroopers, and the head has room for 3 more minifigures.

How big is the UCS AT-AT?

The UCS AT-AT stands 25″ tall, 28″ long, and 10″ wide.

How many pieces does the UCS AT-AT have?

The UCS AT-AT has 6,785 pieces.

When did the UCS AT-AT come out?

The UCS AT-AT was released on November 26th, 2021.

How much does the UCS AT-AT cost?

The UCS AT-AT currently costs $849.99.

How heavy is the UCS AT-AT?

The UCS AT-AT box weighs 27 lbs, and 23.5 lbs built.

How many minifigures does the UCS AT-AT come with?

The UCS AT-AT comes with 9 minifigures, including General Veers, Luke Skywalker, a Snowtrooper Commander, 4 Snowtroopers, and 2 AT-AT Pilots.

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