LEGO 75331 UCS Razor Crest Review (Spoiler: It’s Good!)

It’s here! The highly anticipated UCS Razor Crest has finally officially launched on for purchase – assuming you have the $600 to spare! šŸ˜‰

When The Mandalorian TV Series aired in 2019, Din Djarin’s ship, The Razor Crest, immediately became a fan favorite – possibly among one of the favorite Star Wars ships seen on screen since the original Millennium Falcon decades prior.

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest side view

The leaks and rumors of this UCS version over the last few months certainly did not disappoint, as LEGO’s version of this battered bounty hunter vessel looks spectacular, both inside and out (yes – it does have a full interior!)

ā€œIt was amazing to design The Mandalorianā€™s Razor Crest in brick form! I wanted it to be ultra-detailed so that every Star Wars and LEGO fan can enjoy discovering all the exciting features ā€“ from the carbon-freezing chamber to the escape pod. I know that fans of the Star Wars galaxy, builders and more will love recreating their favorite adventures from this extraordinary seriesā€.

– Cesar Soares, LEGO Designer 

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Clocking in at a whopping 28 inches long and featuring 6,187 pieces (which is big enough to take the #3 spot of biggest Star Wars sets ever released), the ship also features a solid lineup of 4 minifigures including Mando, Grogu, the Mythrol, and Kuiil along with a buildable Bluurg (more on the minifigures later).

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest lifestyle front view

LEGO’s short promo video of this ship from a few weeks ago is certainly worth watching to get a feel for the interior and play features:

The Build

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest on display

What makes this UCS set particularly interesting, (and unlike most of LEGO’s UCS sets so far), is the modular nature of the ship. While some UCS sets are designed purely for display purposes, with no “play” features included, the designers of The Razor Crest did a fantastic job combining both to create this model.

The top sections of the ship can be easily removed to include the spacious and detail-filled interior:

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest modular sections
Fully modular! (Thanks to David at Solid Brix Studios for the image)

Full Interior

The interior of The UCS Razor Crest absolutely shines – featuring a large enough cockpit for multiple minifgures (including the iconic scenes where Grogu steals the joystick controller ball):

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest Mando and Grogu in cockpit
Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest cockpit with Mando and Grogu

The main hold features multiple easter eggs, including a surprise bonus feature from Season 2: Boba Fett’s armor!

The hold features a full Carbon Freezing Chamber with 3 slots, including a blank one for the Mytherol minifigure.

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest interior carbon freezing chamber

Another bonus is the full armory – featuring many of Mando’s most seen weapons and blasters from the show:

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest weapons armory

The rear of the ship features a well designed retractable ramp that easily folds up and down.

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest rear loading ramp with Grogu
Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest rear ramp with Kuiil

The Minifigures

Sometimes UCS sets don’t include great minifigures (looking at you, Imperial Star Destroyer), but LEGO did a fairly decent job with their selection for The Razor Crest.

I wouldn’t have minded an IG-11, along with an exclusive version of Migs Mayfield perhaps, but I won’t knock LEGO at all for their minifigure selection here.

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest minifigures and UCS plaque

Figures include:

  • Mando (Din Djarin), featuring his Season 1 Durasteel armor (not beskar) with all-new arm printing, upgraded helmet printing, and a realistic looking face and hairpiece (instead of just the usual plain black faceless version).
  • Grogu with his pram.
  • The Mythrol (the blue alien Mando captures in Season 1 Episode 1) with handcuffs. I feel this was a missed opportunity to make a specialized molded head for him. The faceprinting looks ok, but doesn’t really convey what he looks like in the actual show.
  • Kuiil, along with a buildable Bluurg for him to ride. I think Kuiil looks fantastic with his custom headpiece mold that includes his hat and goggles. The Bluurg build reminds me of a Microfighter, and is a fantastic bonus to this set.
Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest Kuiil riding Blurrg
Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest Din Djarin faceprinting

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m a huge fan. While the price point seems steep, bear in mind the piece count is getting close to the other big 2 UCS sets (the Millennium Falcon at 7,541 pieces and the AT-AT at 6,785 pieces), both of which retail for a much higher $849. In terms of size, the Razor Crest is smaller, but the full accessible interior makes up for that easily.

If I did have a minor criticism, it would be that I wished that instead of the light gray pieces for the hull, LEGO would have opted to use their chrome silver pieces to give the ship a more accurate look, but I’m sure that would have added significant cost to the overall model.

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest flying

The ship’s solid construction techniques, modular features, and unique combination of excellent display looks paired with minifigure scale playable interior is a winning combo, and sure to impress LEGO collectors.

For those interested in how the UCS version compares in size to the original Razor Crest playset model 75292 from 2020, here’s a comparison look at them side by side:

Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest size comparison with playset 75292
UCS vs Playset Razor Crest side by side comparison (thanks to David at Solid Brix Studios for the picture)

Will you be picking this UCS version of the Razor Crest up this fall, or is the significantly cheaper playset version enough for you?

Let me know in the comments below!

UCS Razor Crest 75331 Specs:

Release Date3 October 2022
Piece Count6,187
Age Rating18+
Set Dimensions28″ long, 9″ high, 19.5″ wide
Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest box front
Lego Star Wars 75331 Razor Crest box back

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