Massive 5,374 Piece LEGO 75367 UCS Venator Now Available!

Stay calm! It’s happening!

LEGO Star Wars fans are FINALLY getting a massive Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser in UCS form, including an all-new Phase 2 Captain Rex minifigure!

*Update – The UCS Venator can now be or Amazon!

After months of rumors, speculation, (and even an accidental leaked box image found in an airport, oops!), 2023’s big UCS set can now be officially confirmed to be the beloved Republic Venator from the Clone Wars era! And oh my, it’s a beauty.

This is absolutely a day one purchase for me when it’s officially released on Oct 4th (Oct 1st for VIP/Insiders).

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2023 UCS Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser

LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator with minifigures and display plaque

The Venator (set #75367) will cost $649.99 and will contain a whopping 5,374 pieces, which will be big enough to vault it straight to #4 on our official list of biggest LEGO Star Wars sets ever released. (Fun fact – it will also be the most expensive prequel set ever made!)

The piece count/price combo does surprise me a little, considering the UCS Star Destroyer (review) contained 600 less pieces and had a $50 higher retail cost before it retired. I’m thinking the reason for this is that the Venator contains smaller pieces than the massive (and expensive to produce) gray LEGO plates that were used so frequently on the Imperial Star Destroyer build. This would make sense, as the Venator’s design has more intricate detailing and needs smaller pieces to convey that.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator box front
LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator box back


The length of the Venator will be a whopping 43″, which the exact same length that the massive UCS Imperial Star Destroyer was! Height will be a little smaller due to the design of the ship, at 12.5″ (including the built-in stand), and the total width will be 22″.

Lego UCS Venator dimensions

Display Plaque and Stand

The Venator comes with a sturdy looking technic stand (similar vibe to the UCS Landspeeder’s display stand), except in this case the stand is actually built into the frame of the ship, so it’s significantly more stable and easier to move than the UCS Star Destroyer was.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator with minifigures and display plaque

Accompanying the UCS set of course is the standalone informational display plaque, featuring both minifigures of Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen (more on them below).

LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator plaque and minifigures

The display plaque is printed, similar to the the new 2023 X-Wing (, instead of a sticker (thank goodness). One strange thing with the plaque – the set is called the “Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser”, but the plaque labels it as the “Venator-class Star Destroyer”. Comment below if you know why!

Also, looks like we’re getting a small printed 20th Anniversary Clone Wars plaque included with the display. This will no doubt be exclusive to the Venator, since this is the final Star Wars set of 2023. Nice touch by LEGO here, and a great tribute to Clone Wars fans!


LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator engines
Check out those engines! Clever side-locking build techniques help the larger ones not to sag down too much.

One of the only disappointing things I have to say about the UCS Venator (though it’s understandable), is the complete lack of any sort of interior. The 2022 UCS Razor Crest (review) had an amazing full interior that was accessible through removing a few of the roof and wing plates, but unfortunately the Venator receives none of that treatment.

UCS Venator dock with micro-scale Republic Gunship
World’s smallest Republic Gunship with only 3 pieces!

Rumors were originally indicating that a few micro-scale sized Republic Gunships would accompany the Venator, perhaps fixed to the side of the Venator using translucent pieces (like we’ve seen in the past with micro versions of accompanying ships), or inside one of the side hangers. However, this rumor only turned out to be partially true, as one of the hangers is semi-open and features the smallest micro-scale Republic Gunship I’ve ever seen in my entire life, utilizing only 3 pieces.

Another interesting thing to point out is that the bridge of the UCS Venator is red, instead of the usual gray found on the normal Venator-class ships we see in Star Wars Episode III.

Though the box or the instruction manual doesn’t specify this, the red bridge indicates that this version of the Venator is in fact one of the capital ships found specifically in the animated Clone Wars series, most likely the Resolute, which was Anakin’s command ship.


In typical UCS fashion, don’t expect too many minifigures with this set. We’re getting just 2 minifigures to be featured on the display stand next to the informational plaque: Captain Rex and Admiral Yularen.

2023 Captain Rex

Captain Rex leak front and helmet

Clone Wars legend and fan favorite Captain Rex is finally getting a remake after 10 long years! Rex is sporting his Phase 2 armor, including an updated helmet design complete with painted blue hawk eyes decoration, tally marks on the side, and a range finder accessory.

He’ll also come with a cloth shoulder cape/pauldron (which looks a little on the large side?) I’m also pretty disappointed that we’re not getting an actual cloth waist cape/kama, as it looks like it will just be printed on front of the legs. For a $650 UCS set, and for such a special Clone Wars figure at that, I was fully expecting a cloth skirt to be included. Boo.

Captain Rex 2023 leak back and side

Rex will come with an updated very detailed arm-printing including more tally marks, and an all-new faceprint featuring a small bandage where his inhibitor chip was taking out moments following Order 66.

I was kind of hoping for a blonde hairpiece as a second display option, but it looks like we’re just getting the helmet. One other minor gripe, is his ammo pouch on his chest too big?

Captain Rex

Either way, Rex looks to be a solid figure to me, and only the second Phase 2 Captain Rex ever to be officially produced by LEGO (the original Phase 2 Rex being found on the 2013 set 75012 BARC Speeder – eBay link).

For those interested, LEGO has released two versions of Phase 1 Rex, which can be found in the 2008 set 7675 AT-TE Walker – eBay link, followed by the 2011 set 7869 Battle for Geonosis – eBay link.
And for fans of the Rebels TV show who want to collect EVERY version of Rex, the set 75157 AT-TE comes with a fantastic version of an old bearded Captain Rex without his helmet – eBay link.

2023 Young Admiral Yularen

Lego young Admiral Wullf Yularen vs show

Slightly less “famous” than Rex, but still a key player during the Clone Wars and prominent feature of the animated show is Admiral Wullf Yularen.

In case you haven’t seen The Clone Wars, Yularen was a very successful military officer whose lengthy career spanned working (begrudgingly at first) with Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano during the Republic Years, to eventually working his way through the Imperial Navy ranks and assisting Grand Admiral Thrawn, before finally meeting his demise on the Death Star explosion during the Battle of Yavin.

The minifigure version of Admiral Yularen is spot on, and exactly what we would expect from a Clone Wars era version of him. He’s got his mustache and parted brown hair, wearing his officer outfit with the blue and red badges on the chest, and dual molded legs are a nice bonus representing his black boots.

Can’t think of anything I would have done differently with Yularen. Nice job LEGO!

Venator Gift With Purchase (GWP)

UCS Venator gift with purchase (GWP)

The UCS Venator will come with a small gift with purchase (GWP), featuring minifigure-shaped fabric patches of Rex and Yularen to sew onto clothing/bags, etc. Also included will be a small metal Republic Credit.

If you prefer to display everything instead, the included box doubles as a stand.

To me this is a bit of a let-down as far as a potential GWP for a $650 UCS set goes. Anyone remember back when the UCS AT-AT was released and the GWP was a buildable Luke’s Lightsaber? (eBay link). LEGO kind of set the bar high with that one…

Regardless, enjoy your minifigure patches with your $650 Venator.

(This exclusive GWP will only be available from Oct 1 – 8 with purchase of the Venator from

Final Thoughts

By releasing a $650 prequel-era set, LEGO are betting big on Clone Wars fans showing up (with their wallets wide open). This UCS Venator is practically a perfect LEGO set, and I have no doubt that Clone Wars fans will be very, very happy with this.

LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator

The only 2 minor gripes I could really come up with were the lack of any sort of interior (though it’s understandable given the massive size of the ship and the study technic interior framing throughout needed), and the fact that the 6×6 tile Republic emblem logos on the top of the ship are stickers. Those should have been printed pieces. Come on, LEGO!

I was originally expecting this year’s big UCS set to be a more familiar Return of the Jedi set for the 40th anniversary – either a remade Death Star II or an Ewok Village. However, this 18+ Venator is great news for prequel Star Wars fans and collectors if LEGO is indeed venturing more into creating Clone Wars era sets for their more expensive UCS lineup.

Hopefully this will be the first of many in the years to come!



LEGO Star Wars UCS Venator on display with minifigures

Let me know in the comments below – will you be picking up this UCS Venator for $650 when it launches in October? Or is LEGO crazy for picking this ship as their large UCS set for 2023?

Lego 8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser box
The last Venator was released in 2009, containing 1,170 pieces. (eBay / Amazon links)
Republic Venator-Class Attack Cruiser from the Clone Wars flying above Coruscant

FAQs about the 2023 UCS Venator:

When was the LEGO UCS Venator released?

The UCS Venator Star Destroyer was released on Oct 4th, 2023, and early on Oct 1st for VIP members / LEGO Insiders.

How many pieces does the LEGO UCS Venator have?

The UCS Venator contains 5,374 pieces.

How much does the UCS Venator cost?

The UCS Venator costs $649.99.

What minifigures does the UCS Venator come with?

The UCS Venator comes with 2 minifigures: Phase 2 Captain Rex with a shoulder cape, updated helmet, and a redesigned faceprint with a bandage where his inhibitor chip was removed, and a young Admiral Wullf Yularen.

What are the dimensions of the UCS Venator?

The UCS Venator is 43 inches long, 12.5 inches high, and 22 inches wide.

7 thoughts on “Massive 5,374 Piece LEGO 75367 UCS Venator Now Available!”

  1. Responding to my prior comment,
    Hmm, just re-read this, and (Regarding number one.) in the IRL pic of Rex, the pouldron is smaller but sticks out. Are either the render or the IRL pic mock-ups just for the sake of showing what they would look like?

  2. Four things,
    1) Can we agree that the shoulder pauldron is MASSIVE? Do you think one of the first-order styles would be better?
    2) You said my boy Rex would have dual molded legs, but they aren’t in the pic, is that an official leak or a typo?
    3) Printed waist cape?!?! It’s a UCS set for crying out loud! The whole “Awee but kids can’t sit the minifigs down.” doesn’t apply here. Unless we get the interior. But still, we should at least have the option of a waist cape.
    4) Awesome review!

    • Oops! My mistake on the incorrect dual-molded legs. Typo fixed – thanks!
      I know… I’m disappointed about the printed waist cape too. There are some available from 3rd party sellers if you do end up getting the Venator and want a more accurate Rex.
      Thanks for the comment!

    • Remember that the head of a LEGO minifigure is always really big, so if they made the shoulder cape smaller, it would seem tiny compared to the head. But because they made it bigger, it seem large compared to the shoulder. I don’t think there was anything they could do about that.
      The same thing might have happened with the ammo pouch? It’s a tiny amount smaller than it should be, if you compare it to the head size. If you compare it to the body, it’s pretty big, about half the width of Rex’s chest.


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